Then-Saturday Night Live star Fallon was hosting the show, while the ex-NSYNC member was making his performance debut as a solo artist. The two started a kinship that lasts to this day when Fallon bestowed words of encouragement to Timberlake. Were super friends! I remember talking backstage during those VMAs, Fallon told GQ in a 2011 joint interview with JT for the magazines annual Man of the Year issue. I was totally nervous and you were nervous and we both ended up having good nights. Were good luck to each other like each others rabbit foots. 2003: Saturday Night Live Continuing their friendship, Timberlake called on Fallon for support during his inaugural hosting stint on SNL.Joining forces for the first time, the duo introduced The Barry Gibb Talk Show, a sketch that would go on to appear four more times on SNL, even after Fallon left the show. 2005: SNL, again When JTs then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz hosted SNL, Justin and Jimmy popped up for another round of The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Fallon also returned to 30 Rock in 2006, when Timberlake hosted SNL for the second time. 2009:Late Night With Jimmy Fallon When Jimmy Fallon made his debut on Late Night with Robert De Niro as his first guest, who did he summon for advice and support? Of course, his best buddy JT, who would reveal as a guest in a later episode just how nervous Fallon was. Of course, this wasnt the last time we would see the two chat it up after midnight: For both halves of The 20/20 Experience, Timberlake made week-long appearances on Fallon. 2010: The History of Rap JT and Jimmy spurred a viral frenzy when they partnered for a mash-up of current and classic hip-hop melodies that took the Late Night stage (and the Internet) by storm. Three years later, and were up to Part 4 of the history lesson with fans eagerly awaiting to see two white guys revival of hip-hops greatest hits.

Justin Timberlake was in town to shoot a video, and there was no place they’d rather be. Only it wasn’t a video; not exactly. As it turned out, Timberlake had been prompted by Target the discount store to shoot a promotional spot. Timberlake and Target want you to pre-order an exclusive deluxe (two extra tracks) version of “The 20/20 Experience, Vol. 2,” which will be out very soon, through the store’s website. The Maxwell’s video was a teaser for the promotion. While it’s not exactly fair to call the clip a commercial, it sure isn’t “My Love,” either. It’s a straightforward performance of “Take Back the Night,” a disco song that had been out for about a month at the time of the filming. Timberlake sings into a Target-red microphone, and just in case you didn’t get the branding, the bell of his trumpeter’s instrument is painted red, too. The three-minute segment closes with the Target logo. Can you tell it’s Maxwell’s? Sorta. The dimensions are right, and the lighting is familiar. Anybody who has ever seen a show there will recognize the three-step riser on the east wall of the live room. Although the club isn’t named, there’s an establishing shot of the exterior at the beginning of the clip.

Justin Timberlake To Remake Musicals

The former NSYNC popstar who now owns Myspace wants to revamp movie musicals. The former N Sync singer appears in Inside Llewyn Davis with Carey Mulligan and got to show off his vocal skills in the flick about the 1960s folk scene in New York City. Now that hes tackled both acting and music, he plans on combining the experiences to transform entertainment for good. Funnily enough, I have a film with one of the national treasures here, Carey Mulligan, the Cohen Brothers film, which was actually the first time Ive ever got to sing in a movie, Justin shared on Alan Carrs Chatty Man TV show. The funny thing about me is Ive been trying to find a way to modernise and re-work the musical, so Ive been pitching people more than theyve been pitching me about stuff like that. I think there could be something interesting on how to do it. Justins other recent movie credits include 2010 drama The Social Network as well as 2011s Friends with Benefits. The 32-year-old hitmaker admits he worried his peers would assume he had a big ego on set but he soon realised his co-workers had bigger things to focus on. At the end of the day you know, when everyones on set, youre there to work, so you just kind of head down, and you do your work, and I think at some point. Hollywoods such a small town and I think at some point, they start to pass that around, he shared. But I think I probably got away with really low expectations, so it was great for me. I think they probably thought I would be coming in with a huge writer, dressing room.