NFL’s future in London, Joe Philbin’s winning ways and more

Although the rate has slowed, the markets strength this year has exceeded most brokers expectations. Knight Frank as recently as June said there wouldnt be a significant price increase this year. A month later, the firm forecast a 6 percent gain. Discretionary Market Theres a push-back from buyers, Bailey said. Its a discretionary market and people are looking for value. They arent desperate to buy anything at any price. Notting Hill and the City of London financial district led the increases with gains of 1.5 percent and 1.4 percent, respectively, in September. Belgravia, where values declined 0.2 percent, was the only neighborhood that didnt see a gain. Rents in prime central London fell 0.1 percent in September from the previous month, the fourth-straight decline, Knight Frank said in a separate report. Rents dropped 2.5 percent on an annual basis. There was a lot of firing in the financial sector in 2012 and that undermined rents, Bailey said. Job vacancies at Londons financial-services companies fell 9 percent in the first half as firms tried to keep a lid on costs.

PC Paul Hyland a Metropolitan Police super-recognizer poses for photographs beside computer screens at the force’s New Scotland Yard headquarters in London on Sept. 18, 2013./ AP London police officers at Scotland Yard have reportedly been getting helped by a new breed of police-officers with special skills: “super-recognizers.” The Associated Press reported Friday that since 2011, about 200 London police officers have been recruited into an elite squad of super-recognizers that search crime surveillance photos in the hopes of identifying suspects based on perps they’d seen before. Super recognizers were responsible for nearly 30 percent of the 4,000 people who were arrested following the 2011 London riots , according to the report. “When we have an image of an unidentified criminal, I know exactly who to ask instead of sending it out to everyone and getting a bunch of false leads,” Mick Neville, Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard who created the unit, told the AP. Just what exactly makes someone a super-recognizer? Richard Russell, an assistant professor of psychology at Gettysburg College in Pa., led a 2009 study that coined the phrase “super-recognizers.” He theorizes people with this superior facial recognition ability are on the other end of a spectrum from people who suffer from another condition called “face-blindness,” or prosopagnosia. In face-blindness, people have an inability to recognize familiar faces, even of celebrities and people they know well. Russell told he does not believe super-recognizers are doing anything dramatically different than average people when they look at someone to recognize a familiar face. He thinks they don’t hone in on someone’s eyes or a specific feature to recognize someone better than a typical individual would, he said. “We don’t really know whether they are doing something qualitatively different than other people. I assume they are not,” said Russell. “It might be a quantitative difference — still using the same kind of processes, but maybe they’re better.” One of the goals of facial recognition research is to understand which cues are leading people to identify a face.

London Luxury-Home Values Climb at Fastest in Five Months

3) No help needed. One thing that destroys Josh Freeman ‘s trade market: There are teams with entrenched studs like Brady and Manning, but there also are 13 clubs starting quarterbacks who were drafted in the past three years. Even in the trouble spots, most (if not all) aren’t ready to throw in the towel on their guys yet. College guys to watch Saturday 1) LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham (at Georgia, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS): All eyes will be on Zach Mettenberger, the LSU quarterback who once was a blue-chip prospect for Georgia. And we’ll get to him eventually. But Beckham and fellow junior receiver Jarvis Landry are the ones catching scouts’ attention — and NFL types will closely watch both of them between the hedges. Beckham, in particular, should wind up being a fascinating guy for evaluators, because LSU uses his explosiveness every which way. “They are both good,” one area scout wrote in a text message. “Beckham’s fun to watch, because he does returns, too, and man, is he explosive. Landry’s your steady playmaker with some No. 1 receiver traits. Both are bad asses.” Another area scout said, “They’re better than Rueben Randle and Brandon LaFell were (as a pair) at LSU.” Beckham and Landry will have a chance to prove it against a talented Georgia secondary. 2) Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller (vs. Wisconsin, 8 p.m.