27 2013 at 2:24 PM Categories: Crazytown xubangwen / Flickr Only days after the city of West Hollywood enacted one of the nation’s first bans on fur clothing, a local boutique called Mayfair House has filed suit in U.S. District Court. See also: West Hollywood Fur Ban Hits on Last Day of Summer. The store essentially claims that the town has no right to ban new fur retailing because the product is derived from wild animals such as foxes, minks, beavers and coyotes, which are under the purview of state law. In other words, the lawsuit, obtained by the Weekly, argues, … … that the WeHo City Council has no business interfering with state rules. It says California has the “exclusive authority” … … to enact legislation relating to the protection of wildlife, and that authority includes the power to pass laws regulating the market for products of wildlife. Sounds persuasive to us. As we noted previously, the law is just another typical attempt to generate headlines by city officials.

West Hollywood’s Ridiculous Fur Ban Met With Lawsuit

Heres a room full of courage, and it just inspires the shit out of me. Yeah, I said it, Hargitay told The Hollywood Reporter about her foundations goals: healing, empowering survivors and shedding light. Joyful Heart Foundation was founded in 2004 by Hargitay, who was inspired by the plethora of thank-you fan mail she received from domestic violence victims and SVU fans who felt connected to her character on the NBC show. The foundation partnered with major organizations to launch the “NO MORE” PSA, a campaign designed to galvanize greater awareness to end domestic violence. Any time [actors] can use their voices to raise awareness for something that needs a bright light to shine on it, its an honor to be a part of it. Mariska is my best friend, and she has done extraordinary work in creating the Joyful Heart Foundation and now the ‘NO MORE’ PSA, Swank said. [Hargitay] is giving [victims] a place to go to heal and to say ‘No more excuses, no more violence, no more ignorance.’ Im just so proud of her. The Milk Studios hangar (where the PSAs were also filmed) displayed banners with varying celebrity faces and the words NO MORE preceding commonly used excuses from assault victims. Forty-five actors, including Amy Poehler, Courteney Cox, Tim Gunn and Ice-T, joined the NO MORE campaign to use their star power in spreading awareness of the issue. STORY: Mariska Hargitay Inks New Deal to Return to ‘Law & Order: SVU’ All of these show business people have a name. They are famous, and whatever they say people do. They look up to them and will follow them, Grimm actress Shohreh Aghdashloo said. All of these people, the victims, dont have a voice and dont have a name.