London police use super recognizers to fight crime

Wed like to extend drives, so that means converting third downs, Roethlisberger said. The more we can keep (Peterson) off the field, the better we can be. Rookie running back LeVeon Bell will make his debut after missing the start of the season because an ankle injury. The Steelers running game was ranked 31st in the NFL coming in. I hope (he provides a spark) because we can use anything we could get, offensive lineman David DeCastro said. We have to get in a situation where were ahead and dont have to pass the ball. Cornerback Ike Taylor was soaking up the trip just hours after touching down. It means a lot (to be in London). Its a totally different atmosphere, Taylor said. When you think of London you think of style, you think of fashion. I hope I can bring a little bit of London swag to Pittsburgh. With the game being played at Wembley, Taylor spoke of his love of soccer star Lionel Messi and his desire to meet the British monarch. I tell you I would love to meet the queen the head lady, he said. Taylor also reveled in the accents of the British journalists in attendance, asking them questions about the local slang. He learned an elevator is called the lift and a rest room the loo. Taylors humor was in contrast to the no-nonsense demeanor of coach Mike Tomlin. Im not here for vacation, Im here to work, Tomlin said. Were trying to get our footing.

NFL taking methodical approach to London question — for now

That’s why, from Parsons’ perspective, a methodical approach is best. The early signs are good. Parsons was very surprised with the demand for tickets and how quickly the two 2013 games sold out . “We got a statement from the fans,” he said. The NFL responded by expanding its annual fan fest into an event that’ll close over a mile of Regent Street (the rough equivalent of Fifth Avenue in New York) on Saturday, from Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Circus, with a half-million people expected to pass through. And this year, Parsons said the opportunity is there to tell the NFL story between the two games, then continue it on British television into the playoffs. After that, the league’s plan is to take a step back. “We want to make sure we evaluate the impact of having two games first,” Parsons said. “We’re not going to keep doing it if we don’t have the impact we’re looking for. Now, if we have a good experience with the two, we’d like to have two games next year, and the question is whether we can play more than two. You also have to have teams that want to participate.

London Fletcher expects to keep sharing time with Nick Barnett

Hyland arrested the suspect, who confessed after questioning. The study of facial recognition is in its infancy. But since 2011, about 200 London police officers have been recruited to an elite squad of super recognizers. Officials say they have tripled the number of criminal suspects identified from surveillance photos or on the street each week, and even helped prevent some crimes like muggings, drug deals or assaults. Photo: Matt Dunham In this photo taken on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, PC Paul Hyland a… In this photo taken on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, PC Paul Hyland a Metropolitan Police super recognizer poses for photographs beside computer screens at the force’s New Scotland Yard headquarters in London. Several years ago, for example, London police were on the lookout for a burglar wanted for nine robberies. About a month after seeing the burglars picture, Hyland and two colleagues were stuck in traffic. I looked up and noticed this guy coming out of a university and knew it was him, Hyland recalled, adding that neither of his colleagues recognized the burglar. Hyland arrested the suspect, who confessed after questioning. The study of facial recognition is in its infancy.

Michelin Names 2 New U.K. Two-Star Restaurants

The British guide is the first of the current series. Currently, the totals are: France, 596; Japan 595; Italy 307, Germany 255. Of three-star establishments, there are 28 in Japan, 27 in France, 10 in the U.S. and Germany, seven in Spain & Portugal and in Italy, and five in Hong Kong and Macau. Joel Robuchon is the chef with most stars. He has 21, even after dropping one today. Fellow Frenchman Alain Ducasse is second, with 18. Gordon Ramsay has 10, Pierre Gagnaire has eight and Thomas Keller seven. (Michelin doesnt credit Gagnaire with the two held by Sketch, in London, where he devises the menu.) Michelin & Cie (ML) , Europes largest tiremaker, produced its first guide in 1900. It was free of charge until 1920 and was intended for chauffeurs. The volume contained practical information, including street maps and tips on repairing tires. The company is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2014 will be available in bookshops from Oct. 4, priced at 15.99 pounds ($25.71).

I think he got a few in the second half. I was hoping that Nick would get a few in the first half, but were trying to keep London at 100 percent and we dont want to set him back at all. Fletcher, who the week before had struggled to shed blocks and recorded only one solo tackle and one assist while playing all 72 defensive snaps most of them no-huddle, said that he should have taken himself out of a portion of each of the first two games. He said being a guy that wants to learn from his mistakes, he willingly made way for Barnett. He added, It may be like that the rest of the season. Fletcher said, I wanted to play 100 percent, 100 miles an hour the whole ballgame and its tough to do that if youre going to play 100 percent of the snaps also. Just being smart about it, knowing, hey, Ive got a veteran guy here whos been a starter, Nick got some reps in practice so he felt comfortable in the scheme, felt comfortable with what we were doing against Detroit so it made sense to give him some playing time and I felt fresher. Fletcher, who on Sunday had eight tackles and a sack, continued, I understand that Im not 24, either. Even young guys, whether youre how old you are if you want to be 100 percent, 100 miles an hour to the football, youre not going to be able to go that mind-set 60 minutes. Its impossible to do it. I wanted to be able to run to the football better and do a lot more things than I was able to do in the first two ball games, so if that means Ive got to give Nick a few snaps, it helps me, helps us. Basically, helps us win a ball game. Ill do it. Theyre not giving out trophies for playing all the snaps. Were judged on wins and losses. Have a Redskins question? E-mail Mike Jones at with the subject line Mailbag question for him to answer it in The Mailbag on Tuesday.