Recalling that day, Wolf told NBC’s “Today” show she started “screaming (and) bawling my eyes out.” “I wasn’t sure what to do,” she said in August, shortly after her Miss Teen USA win. “So it was terrifying.” The messenger had taken great efforts to hide his online identity. But investigators were eventually able to find corresponding e-mails, IP addresses and other communications they linked to Abraham. They also tied him to online forums asking about malware, how to control webcams, and hacking into Facebook accounts. Investigators also linked him to at least eight other young women — some of them, like Wolf, from Southern California, though others were from as far away as Moldova. The victims told authorities similar stories: of a person they did not know saying, and in some cases proving, he had nude images and making demands as a result. The stalker claimed to have 1,000 photographs of one woman, the complaint said. When she asked, “Why are you doing this to me?” the response was, “I told you I’ll answer any questions after you Skype.” As an FBI agent was speaking by phone to this young woman, she logged onto her Instagram account to find it populated by nude pictures of her, the complaint said. A few young women apparently complied with the demands for a Skype session. The man promised not to record the sessions and he made it look like he was erasing the nude pictures of them. One such session was found on the suspect’s phone, police said. Foul-mouthed hacker hijacks baby monitor Investigators examining e-mail exchanges found one in which an alleged victim wrote she was downloading Skype and pleading, “Please remember im only 17. Have a heart.” “I’ll tell you this right now! I do NOT have a heart!!!” he wrote back, per the complaint. “However I do stick to my deals!

Arrest made in Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf ‘sextortion’ case

Later yesterday, USA Truck responded publicly to Knight’s offer, issuing a press release in which it termed the $9 bid “unsolicited,” “misleading,” and “not in the best interests of USA Truck and its shareholders,” and said it “substantially undervalues” the company. As USA Truck points out, Knight actually offered USA Truck $9 a share nearly a month ago, in a letter to USA’s board of directors dated Aug. 28. USA said it responded to that bid privately, calling it inadequate, but offered to enter into talks about the possibility of a better bid. USA Truck says Knight declined to meet with its negotiators, instead going silent — until suddenly making its announcement of a bid public yesterday. Knight disclosed in yesterday’s announcement that it had sent USA Truck a proposal letter on Aug. 28, including the full text of this letter, but did not mention in its press release what had happened subsequently. An SEC filing says that after USA Truck indicated it was not for sale after that Aug. 28 letter, Knight Transportation “communicated to USA Truck that Knight Transportation saw no merit in engaging in discussions directly with USA Truck management. … Knight Transportation believes that USA Truck stockholders will find its $9.00 per share proposal to be very attractive. Accordingly, Knight Transportation decided to publicly disclose its proposal by issuing the press release.” Knight said in its press release yesterday that it is prepared to “modestly increase” the proposed purchase price if additional value is identified. As it stands, the deal is valued around $242 million, including USA Trucks approximately $147 million of outstanding net indebtedness.

Knight Buyout Offer Rejected by USA Truck Board

“He terrorized me and many girls for so long.” Abrahams, from Temecula, California, is a computer science student. He is accused of taking nude pictures of Wolf while she changed clothes or walked into her room after a shower. Wolf said she was completely unaware; the light on her computer never turned on to show the camera was on. Fears about such hacking is not misplaced. Last month, it was reported that some high-end televisions with built-in cameras could be turned on without the viewers knowing. Security cameras, lights, heating control systems and even door locks and windows are now increasingly coming with features that allow users to control them remotely. Without proper security controls, there’s little to stop hackers from invading users’ privacy, stealing personal information or spying on people. FTC cracks down on hacked video camera maker Abrahams’ arrest came six months after Wolf alerted authorities to the “sextortion” scheme. Authorities executed a search warrant at Abrahams’ home on June 4, at which time he “voluntarily agreed to speak” with a pair of FBI agents. Describing himself in that interview as a college freshman who was good with computers, a criminal complaint said, he admitted using malware and his expertise to “watch his victims change their clothes and … use the photographs against them.” When he admitted what he’d done, Abrahams said he had 30 to 40 “slave computers” — or other people’s electronic devices he controlled — and has had as many as 150 total, according to the complaint. Investigators also linked him to at least eight other young women, some of them, like Wolf, from Southern California.

OpenGate Capital Completes Acquisition of PennySaver USA

PennySaver USA provides print and digital, hyper-local marketing and advertising services to California-based and nationwide customers. PennySaver USA is one of the largest and most well-recognized weekly local advertising publications in North America and is the number one Hispanic marketing publication in the US. The business serves more than nine thousand unique advertising customers, distributes 85 million inserts, and reaches more than nine million households. The digital division of PennySaver USA provides marketing products and services via online and mobile applications. The online classifieds, coupons and business directory website,, hosts nearly 4.4 million listings nationwide and offers several advertising options. The digital division also supports small and medium sized businesses by providing digital marketing services including PowerSites and PowerClicks. PowerSites provides full-service website hosting, creation, and maintenance solutions. PowerClicks offers qualified lead generation via search engine marketing and online display advertising. Andrew Nikou, OpenGate Capital’s founder, Managing Partner and CEO, stated, “PennySaver USA is a powerful business given it is profitable and very stable, has tremendous brand recognition, and provides advertising products and services to its clients with incredible reach and frequency. We’re excited to leverage all of these strengths and create even more value for both the readers and advertisers. As proven by our success with TV Guide Magazine, we are really enthusiastic about media, publishing and advertising businesses in the US and know that there is a lot of hidden potential inside PennySaver USA.” OpenGate Capital acquired TV Guide Magazine in 2008 and within 18 months turned the business around making it more profitable, stable and diverse. OpenGate Capital also owns Fleurus Presse, a French publisher of magazines providing a wide range of reading subjects and materials. About OpenGate Capital, LLC OpenGate Capital is a global private buyout firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of businesses seeking revitalization through growth and operational improvements. Established in 2005, OpenGate Capital is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and maintains offices in Paris, France and Sao Paulo, Brazil. OpenGate’s professionals possess the critical skills needed to acquire, transition, operate and build successful businesses.